Winmax W705 Flash File

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FARSIGHTED50M_11B_PCB01_GSM_MT6250_S00.B108C_ZN02_ P10_V0_6.BIN

Project ID : B108C_ZN02_P10_V0_6

CPU_Type = MT625A

FLASH_Type = SF_W25Q32BV

Chip_Capacity = 0x300000(3MB)

Password : Ashfaq Tawhid Rayan
Info : 02

FARSIGHTED52_1632_10A_PCB01_GSM_MT6252_S01.B108_ZN 01_P09_V0_6.BIN

Project ID : B108_ZN01_P09_V0_6

CPU_Type = MT6252

Chip_Capacity = 0x200000(2MB)

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