Samsung S5260 Boot Repair Solution

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Selected model: S5620
Selected com port: COM3
Selected speed port: 921600
Connect phone to special micro-uart cable
Start repair boot zone type 2...
Wait for download mode and connect to mirco usb cable for flashig boot with multiloader.
Repair - boot ok
Elapsed time: 43 second, sw ver: 3.5.0038
Boot Binary Download Start Ch[0]
Bcmboot 54.6KB OK[0.2s]
Boot2 324.4KB OK[0.9s]
Drom_dsp 65.5KB OK[0.2s]
Patch_dsp 33.1KB OK[0.2s]
Sysparm_dep 5.9KB OK[0.2s]
Sysparm_ind 55.9KB OK[0.2s]
NVRAM6 2.2KB OK[0.2s]
Wait reset !!
Download Start Ch[0]
Amss 5747.9KB OK[7.1s]
Apps 35651.6KB OK[59.7s]
Rsrc1 37662.6KB OK[45.0s]
Rsrc2 583.0KB OK[0.8s]
FFS 87096.8KB OK[109.3s]
SHPAPP 6280.9KB OK[6.1s]
CSC 13232.9KB OK[39.1s]
PFS 4.2KB OK[0.2s]
All files complete[269.4s] 

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